Tinubu: How Could Nigeria Be The Super Power Of Africa, Through Brics Or globalism Ideas?

The current global super power of the world is the United States of America. They have been in that position for the past 77 years after the second world war. "No nation on earth ever existed as a super power for more than 50 years; "British, Spain, France, Portugal and all of them 50 years colonization in all parts of the world" (Professor John Groom, Kent University UK, 2010). This means that only British ruled the world twice as global power for 50 years and colonized 56 Nations (the current Common Wealth Nations and two biggest global markets; India in Asia and Nigeria in African Continent) including the current global political, economic and social activities' leadership USA and what Professor George Friedman described as "American centric" or called "American age" 2009 USA). 

Why is America still maintaining it's position as the global political and economic power in the world? Most certainly it has to be the fact that political, military and economic power are the rationale behind why America is still the global economic and political leader in the world. For the past 77 years (or so) after the second world war America is the global largest economy with 26% and followed by China, Japan, Germany, British, France, India, Brazil, Turkey and the rest of them and my country Nigeria has been within the position of number 143 according to the United Nations Human Development Index. Can the BRICS NATIONS able to change the global economic direction of being co-opt in the 18 more counties of the world 🌍? Time will tell!

In every nation or society, human being is a symbol of economic activities and competition is an imperative part of human  coexistence. Likewise every nation or society must compete with other countries or societies on economy (politics and economic interplay has competing values, interest and economic ambition) for the fact that human beings are the symbol of economy. This means that; humans must eat and drink, get shelter, dresses, healthcare, take care of environment, education for himself and the family. Hence, humans must compete to ensure the fulfilling of the aforementioned. 

Every past world wars that happened on this planet must have been as a result of securing economic opportunity (the current Russia and Ukraine war is an excellent example) for the fact that life won't be worth living without economic viability. Economy is the backbone of every nation and every single person in the world. According to Professor Paul Collier of Oxford University, London there are three things that truncated "African Nations to develop:-
1. Bad governance
2. Trapped resources
3. Conflicts" and in addition to that this writing understands that unproductive population is another negative aspect that dwarf African Nations to develop.

Many countries in the world were colonized/ dominated by the then super power of that time. All for getting economic advantage based on military superiority. But today the world has changed from analog to digital system and the competition is on high gear for global development. In the early 1970 the world population was projected to be around 3B but in 2023 according to United Nations (UN) the population reached 8B this means that in every decade there has been  an increase of 1B people (within the past 50 years) in the world. By the year 2050, Nigeria's population will reach as high as 450m and by the end of the 21st Century the African Continent will be 40% of global population but 80% of global poor people; according to United Nations Human Development Index.

*Nigeria and the BRICS NATIONS as well as the GLOBALIZATION POLICY and which way forward for my nation?

Since the beginning of the existence of humans on earth the world has been changing from aristocractic system (Government by such a class, or a state with such a government
or class of people considered superior to others) to Democratic system that has been in existence in the world since 508BC in Athens. The popularisation of Democratic Governance in the world boosted in the 18th century in Europe and then to other countries of the world. 

To be continued InshaAllah-

Abbati Bako,psc,bsis,mti,alumni,UniKent,UK and Political Strategy and Communication Consultant,IPRC, Nigeria
Twitter: abbati Bako 1
Facebook: Abbati Bako

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