The Essential Ododo That Kogi State Governorship Candidate.

By Saka Suberu Onumoh.
Until his emergency as the Gubernatorial candidate of APC for Kogi election coming up in November, not much before now has been heard about the golden man- Ododo, or the man in the eye of the storm at the moment in kogi State under GYB's administration.
Why him? How did he do it remains a million dollar question to many outside GYB's cabinet. But to his colleagues and fellow aspirants, the best man has been chosen to contest for the most exotic office in the State.
Ododo Ahmed Usman- OAU as he has also become popularly known is one man who had keyed into the GYB's administration from inception in 2015 till  almost the expiration of his tenure. He has in one way or the other stood out in many laudable projects of GYB. Ododo has a clear direction of where the administration is headed and was very prepared for the task. In no distant time of the kick off of the administration, he had started winning internal awards of GYB as the most valuable player. This wasn't a fluke to him as a dedicated appointee who want to write his name in the 'indelible sand of time' .
One of the first achievement of the current administration when they assumed office in 2015 was the thorough Audit of the State Account, which led to the discovery of unprecedented ghost workers in the State, which were eventually flushed out to sanitize the system; believe me this wasn't easy as we think. As it is in today's Nigeria, curruption does not only have the power to fight back, but also posses weapons and instrument of fighting to defeat its opponent. But thank God for their political will and determination, they where able to win that fight. And the one man that was very instrumental to the attainment of this, is no other person but the distinguish Chartered  Accountant of repute himself; Alh. Ahmed Ododo Usman. 

Even though someone might say he was merely performing his duty as the the Auditor of the Local Governments,  you will agree with me that a well done job deserved praisises and recognition.

In his resolved to support the administration to achieve success, Ododo could not wait for those saddled  with the responsibility of building structure for the community before his people began to enjoy the dividends of good governance. One of such  gesture was the standard building and renovation of both Secondly and Primary schools that directly  touch the lives of his people across Okene. Upon completion, he did not stop there. He understood that building and renovation alone cannot transform to improvement of the educational standard in the areas, hence he thought it wise that it will be important to support them with necessary stationary like text books, which was also provided to compliment this gigantic projects.  
As if this was not enough, he again looked around the Local Government Secretariat and wondered what he could do to improve thier jobs and welfare to continue to improve on  the developmental strides of GYB'S administration, thus decided to donate utility buses  to ease their traveling challenges and local runnings,  which was very appreciated and commendable by many.
Amongst his  numerous and laudable projects comes this outstanding and amazing Ultra mordern Clinic that was built in his home town in  Upogoro and named after late GYB's mother that could not see the end of her son's reign to immortalize her. The Governor had no idea about this project until it was completed. It was during inspection that Ododo whispered to him that there was a place that he wanted him to see. When they got there the Governor was not only shocked at what he saw but was also mavelled. And why unavailing to gain access to the building, the gov could not help sharing tears on what he saw. The project was not only attractive and amazing, it has been named after his late beloved mother. He paused, tilted his head downwards, and by the time he could come back he was in tears. Next he called out twice. ' Ododo!, Ododo!'. Ododo answered. And he said to him in his local dialect. 'You are only learning how to crawl but you will not only finish crawling, you will stand and work where Angels can't dare'. And there was a loud Amins, clapping and cheers.

Besides all these numerous achievements, AOU also has an NGO that takes care of the blind across his Senatorial District, which many have so far benefitted from several successful eye surgeries under the Scheme.
He has also rendered support to people with one related orthopaedic issues or the other who can't afford the cost of the operations.

Ladies and gently men, I don't want to bore you with too much achievements of this icon's development. But as you can see, Ododo is truly an elder we can look back and be proud of if elected. You and I can make this happen through our PVC  come November. Let's vote him to step into the shoes of GYB to continue the good work of taking the State to a greater height.  He is one we can trust to turn Kogi into small London, into a State with no insecurity challenges, one that every kogite will be happy with.
Let's speak with our PVC and vote for the man whom the cap fits.

Saka Suberu Onumoh

The National Codinator 

Ododo Diaspora Network

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