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By Mohammed Bello Doka. 
“ The first opinion that is formed of a ruler's intelligence is based on the quality of the men he has around him.” — Niccolò Machiavelli (The Prince)

As a leader, the choice of the figures in your so-called kitchen cabinet is a matter of no little importance, their worth, loyalty, and capacity often depend on the sagacity of the leader. History has reckoned that no great leader has ever achieved anything great absent the contributions of the people he has around him.

There has been a series of predictions, questions, and wonderment from various quarters with regard to the plan of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to his trusted and loyal lieutenant James Abiodun Faleke in the new government.

Many have erroneously tipped the Lagos Parliamentarian as the Chief of Staff, Secretary to the Government of the Federation and minister of this or that. Alas, oftentimes Mr. Faleke has warned his supporters to avoid making calls that are capable of putting the new President under pressure.

Mr. Faleke has reiterated his confidence in the capacity and capability of the President to always put the square peg in a square hole and a round peg in a round hole, a capacity ably portrayed by the actions of the President a few days in office. 

Oftentimes Mr. Faleke has also told his close associates that his relationship with the President has gone beyond the quest for political power, rather it is centered around helping his principal to succeed, and he acknowledged his believes in the fact that Tinubu knows what role best suits him and where and when he will be more useful or valuable.

Tinubu knows Faleke's worth and as a master strategist, you do not expect him to show all his cards at once, Faleke is the Joker that always comes at the end of the game because it is the winning card, the greatest defender and attacker. 

For those of us who can remember, Faleke executed the most important task of the renewed hope, that was the Primary elections campaign. In a campaign that was one of the hottest and keenly contested political battles in our recent history, against all odds, Faleke led the Batists to victory despite the enormous enmity within and without. 

Likewise, as the secretary to the Presidential Campaign council, Mr. Faleke was the engine room who propelled Batists and Tinubu to victory in one of the toughest elections in our history.

Faleke's loyalty was not only unalloyed but unparalleled and has no equal, his sagacity and handwork is incomparable, Faleke is the only leader I knew that can be on sit for over 48 hours handling the difficult task of talking and convincing people to work for the success of the Asiwaju project.

Haven said this, I therefore use the medium to call on my fellow Falekites to harken to the call of our principal, to support him and shiver not. Faleke is Tinubu and Tinubu is Faleke.

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