Sen.Ndume's Attempt To Defame The Personality Of Sen. A.A Yari Shameful, Envious

We are made conscious of the blatant envious statement emanating from the vocal cavity of a National political figure of questionable character in the person of Senator Ndume. 

Oh! Ndume sighting light at the end of the tunnel for Sen. A. A. Yari's Senate President ambition has left him in shock, only to express an envious outburst of emotion. 

It is making round that Sen. Ndume, out of envy stated, "Yari's only qualification to be senate president is money."

To all informed minds, thought-provoking individuals and well-meaning Nigerians will easily understand that Sen. Ndume's fallacious statement is obviously an unfounded fabrication aimed only to defame the character of a revered astute humanitarian figure - Sen. Yari.

Senator Yari political trajectory was never influenced by money, rather character, competence and capacity demonstrated in services the humanity. 

Sen. Yari  was also elected Chairman, Nigeria Governor's forum to succeed His Excellency, Rotimi Amaechi of River State haven affirmed his thoughtful ideas, abrupt solution to issues, wider scope and polished ideas, indepth consultation in critical inter governmental challenges and his Leadership sagacity.

Sen. Yari's emergence as the then Chairman of Governors forum couldn't have been on the influence of money. Are other Governors not having money?

On this concise note, we wish  to unequivocally debunk the baseless assertion and mischievous statement of Distinguished Senator Ali Ndume on the candidacy of Sen. A.A Yari as the next Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It's imperative and pertinent to know that, the priority of Sen. Ndume's subjects are important and be called to facilities measure in addressing the  issues of insecurity in North East his own home town rather than causing nuisance on the Media space...

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