Q101 A Stingy Neighborhood Hated By Lugbe Disco (NEPA) 1.

By Mohammed Bello Doka
Sometimes back when the then British Prime Minister referred to Nigeria as a fantastically corrupt nation, many of us took offense. And we rightfully or wrongfully did so due to the love and patriotism we have for our nation. 

But deep down inside us, we know that corruption is a canker worm that has eaten deep into the fabric of every aspect of Nigerian economic and social life. 

A tale of Q 101 in Lugbe Federal Housing along Abuja Unity Hospital and its environs is one too many. It is a story that did not only make one emotional but also send down tears. 

Q101 is a neighborhood of about 30–50 houses in the Federal Housing Authority Estate Lugbe that is not only hated by the Lugbe Disco but was dubbed as stingy by the PHCN staff in the area. And as such, the PHCN adopted a deliberate policy to punish the neighborhood for their stinginess and unwillingness to conform. 

It is a norm in Lugbe that every neighborhood has a committee on light, the main job of this committee is to raise a certain amount of money from the residents which is used to settle (NEPA) in exchange for good services. 

Whenever there is a wear and tear or some need for repairs, the committee will call NEPA, settle (bribe) them and the repairs will be done in time. Also, the particular staff will see to it that such neighborhood enjoy good services from the PHCN. The whole of Lugbe has been shared into a mini feudal system with a Lord overseeing every part of it. 

But Q101 is one hell of a stingy neighborhood who will not give a dime to anyone to perform their duties which they were being paid to perform. As a result, the Disco staff in the area termed them and others like them a stingy neighborhood that most be beaten to surrender.

Residence of Q101 bear this blunt and have to pay with one of the worst supplies of energy one can think of. When people from other parts of Abuja or Nigeria are celebrating an improvement in the supply of electricity, residents of Q101 will only watch in disbelieve. 

In terms of the supply of electricity, Q101 is one of the worst places one can ever image. Even when all other neighborhoods glitter Q101 is there sited in darkness all thanks to its stingy committee members who cannot settle NEPA to do what is necessary.

It is Hallelujah when Q101 has an uninterrupted supply of power for 5 hours during the day. That really calls for celebration even when other neighborhoods are enjoying 18 hrs uninterrupted supply. 

It is common for Q101 to experience 48 to 50 hrs darkness, only to experience 1 to 2 hours of light during the day. The worst is when the Disco decides to give you light for 7 hours daily, but from 1:00 am to 7: 00 am. This trend can continue for a week. 

The light situation in Q101 is one of frustration, sorrow, and pain. Every careful observer will notice that the trend is intended to not only punish but to frustrate a stubborn people who don't want to settle others to do the job they were paid to do.

When our reporter, who is a residence of the neighborhood, tries to make some findings, what he found was more gory and heartbreaking than what we initially expected.....

To be continued

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