Ohanaeze, Stop Tribalism By Moses Oludele Idowu

I just read the report of Ohanaeze calling the suspension of Godwin Emefiele an ethnic cleansing of Igbo from public office and calling for his reinstatement to complete his work ( of destroying the economy?)

This is disappointing to say the least. How is this ethnic cleansing? When Jonathan suspended Sanusi Lamido Sanusi before completing his term to pave the way for Emefiele it was not ethnic cleansing because the Igbos benefited from it. But now it is ethnic cleansing.
  That allegation.is malicious, uncouth, toothless and dumb. When Pius Anyim as Secretary to Government under Jonathan removed Yoruba Permanent Secretaries from Presidency where was Ohanaeze? It wasn't ethnic cleansing then.
 So removing an Igbo man from office even when he has cases to answer is witch-hunting? I marvel at Ohanaeze. It is now time to be challenging these dubious ethnic irredentists and profiteers.
  Why bring tribalism to this issue? Why not allow DSS to do its assigned task and job?
  Why was he running away if his hands were clean?
  This is not.the first, it has happened before. So allow the wheel to roll.
Ohanaeze or whatever it calls its name should be warned to be careful of introducing ethnicity into this.
 So should we allow a person to destroy our economy because he is an Igbo man? I really don't get this.
  It is very shameful.
The Igbos need to watch it as I always warn them.
It was the same story when the Senate decided to probe Chuba Okadigbo after it became clear he had mismanaged funds. Then the same Ohanaeze went to town with the news that they are ganging up against Igbos. How would the same senators who made him President be ganging against him?

When Stella Oduah's scandal broke at Aviation it was the same Ohanaeze that came defending him. Meanwhile the Yorubas didn't spare Borishade and FFK' when they were accused, they allow them to clear their names.
  Why, for God sake?
Is Igbo the only tribe in Nigeria? Why are you always seeing everything from tribal perspective.

The same period when Igbos were supporting Okadigbo Yorubas were calling for the sack of S.M Afolabi over mismanagement of National Identity Card scheme.

What a difference!

Enough of tribalism. Let Emefiele go through the investigation and if he is clean there is nothing to fear. Nothing can remove a single hair from his head. But if he is found to have compromised his office then he will face the wrath of the law. It is allowed.
  Stop bringing the issue of relationship between Yoruba and Igbos. It is irrelevant. Emefiele served Nigeria not Yoruba land or Igbos. So let him answer for his stewardship. When he accepted the office he knew that he would be required to give account, so why complaining now?
  What is Ohanaeze's own on a purely civil matter and administrative procedures? Stop this tribalism for God sake.

Moses Oludele Idowu
  June 10, 2023

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