My Thought On Senator Bulkachuwa's Open Confession At Senate Chambers.

By Senator Ehigie Uzamere
Senator Bulkachuwa is not a young man. On the floor of the Senate, he made restitution. He told the world that we do not have a free judiciary. He told us all that our judges have a price and oftentimes had been bought, and most probably are still being bought.

No matter how much Senator Lawan tries to shut Senator Bulkachuwa up, we know where he was headed. Senator Ahmed Lawan should actually answer Senator Rochas Okorocha's question on how he, Senator Ahmed Lawan, returned to the Senate without running for or being elected into the 10th Senate

The ordinary Nigerian knows that our legislature is scarcely populated by honourable and distinguished fellows. The ordinary Nigerian knows that our judiciary has many ATM machines collecting cash to dispense injustice. The ordinary Nigerian knows that the executive is there to give itself super executive perks. But the ordinary Nigerian also knows that the day draws near when truth and justice shall reign supreme in our country. 

Senator Bulkachuwa, by admiting before man that you influenced your wife, retired Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa, who was once President Court of Appeal, and despite Senate Ahmed Lawan stopping you from a full confession, God Almighty knows your heart, and will count this good deed of yours, in your favour.

I pray to God to forgive Senator Bulkachuwa any sins he may have knowingly or unknowingly committed in thoughts and in deeds. May he find peace within himself. As for the judges who, despite knowing that after God man's life is in their hands, choose the path of dishonour and compromise, may their punishment be meted to them proportionately. 

To all those who were cheated out of victory or justice, be not dismayed, for God shall fight your wars.

I remain, 
Senator Ehigie Uzamere

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