Hon. Princess Chinwe Nnabuife A Leader Set To Refine The System For Orumba By Echekwe Kingsley.

By Echekwe Kingsley. 

With the enthronement of Honourable Princess Chinwe Nnabuife as the People's Representative, Orumba North and South Federal Constituency at the Green Chambers this  June, 2023, a new lease of life will be unleashed on the socio-political sphere of Orumba.

She is articulate and a discerning leader whose prime drive is to better the lots of Orumba.  She has in motion plans to  improve the ability of people to gain employment in a variety of fields of endeavour through greater access to technical and vocational training. She will invest in quality education, schools and colleges to equip current and future generations with the  skills they proactively need to gain employment, live productive lives and contribute to the welfare of their communities, through human-oriented legislative actions.

We know that the most important function of the legislature is law making, but Adaejijemba having been with the masses, knows their pains and dreams, and she will ultimately sponsor bills that will move the Youths of Ndi-Orumba out of poverty, give them sense of belonging and let them feel represented.

The future and the tomorrow we yearn and clamour for is already here. Ndi-Orumba having voted for Adaejijemba and ensured her landslide victory in the last elections, have taken the first step of securing a brighter future for their children, Youths, Students and indeed the people of Orumba.

 Hon. Princess Chinwe Nnabuife (Adaejijemba) has a distinct way of addressing matters with her wealth of knowledge and experience. She believes in equity and good governance, and must surely refine the system as soon as she resumes duty. And like she said: "This Victory is Yours", this is not just a promise, but a promise kept.  She is an action orientated Lady and had pulled many out of poverty and social pains. 

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