G7 Will Produce Next Speaker Insha Allahu – Jaji

by Sunday Isuwa
One of the speakership aspirants in the 10th National Assembly, Hon Aminu Sani Jaji, has declared that the aggrieved aspirants, popularly called G7 will produce the next presiding officer of the House of Representatives. 

Speaking during the declaration of his intention to contest the office of the speaker, Jaji said his six point agenda which is summarized into two will improve the quality of legislation, help the youths and improve the oversight of the yearly appropriation. 

“The larger percentage of Nigerians are youths and we must do all we can to make this population productive. It is the first time the opposition has the highest number in the House of Representatives. What this means is that no single person can determine who becomes the next speaker.

“We don’t have dual citizenship just like them. Nigeria is the only country we have.  

“For the 10 assembly members, congratulations because you are exonerating yourself from the blood suckers of the national assembly. 

“I am declaring to contest the office of the speaker because I have a lot to offer. I want my colleagues to determine my fate. That is the only way to have a way. 
“That office is not an office for child play. That office is not an office where someone can nominate another person. 

“We are not going to have an extension of the 9th assembly. We are not going to be an appendix of the executive.”

“By the Grace of God we will be there. We will try our best to restore sanity and unity in the 10th assembly,” Jaji said while declaring his six point legislative agenda that was divided into two.

“We will strengthen the legislative process in the national assembly,” Jaji said, adding that the ethics and conduct of the members and their integrity will be prominent in his agenda while appropriation will also be considered to ensure full implementation. 

On the economy, Jaji said Nigeria will diversify the economy. 

“Our coalition is not for greedy people and not for personal interest. But a coalition of belief and trust. We have something to offer for development. We believe that power is given by God.

“We are one and will ensure that the National Assembly is for all. 

“We’ve been watching. G7 will start. We are unstoppable. One of use will become the speaker,” Jaji added. 

Also speaking, the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Idris Wase, said their group, which Jaji belongs to, will produce the next speaker. 

“Our group will produce the next speaker,” Wase said while encouraging members of the 10th assembly to ensure they remain independent and uphold the principles of separation of powers. 

“Whatever we are doing is for the progress of Nigeria. We will engage in a constructive campaign. I believe that my leader and the party will resolve this matter quickly,” Wase said while referring to the president-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu.  

“The sign now is that we have seen and we’ve conquered. We will do the right thing. We have always done the right thing and we will do the right thing. Nigeria will rise again,” Wase added. 

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