Elrufai - Enough Of This Blackmail.

A. M. Muhammad Esq.
El-Rufai is being called an extremist ! A doctored video which fit their narrative ( hate of Muslims leaders ), have gone viral .

Today, I heard the anchors of Morning Show on Arise TV, calling him names and “demanding”, an apology !

They didn’t demand an apology from Peter Obi on his “my daddy”, discussion with overseer, and they even defended Peter Obi.

But a Muslim is not allowed to do what Peter Obi and CAN are doing, and now one nitwit pastor who is calling for El-Rufai’s head. 
Sadly no Muslim columnist(s), or anchor(s) has even given El-Rufai a chance to explain his side of the story and nobody has watched the video in full or noticed the bad subtitling of what he said in Hausa to English. 
They murdered it as they did “Kare jini, Bere jini” , comments of Buhari in 2011.

Nobody has monopoly of noice making or distortion of facts , we don’t do it because it’s cheap, and not in our culture.

However, this fight of soul of Nigeria in social media, calls to us to change tactics and be unapologetic !

El-Rufai was thanking some Muslim scholars on the victory of Muslim/ Muslim ticket for the second time in kaduna state and referred to the role played by CAN and their scaremongering and how they lost out again.

He also referred to the Tinubu/ Shettima ticket and how CAN and churches lost out despite the open campaign for Peter Obi and the “ waste our votes”, movement, and he said this victory has silence CAN( who had a conference in Adamawa just for the purpose of defeating the Muslim / Muslim ticket, remember?).

He concluded by saying if this continues for at least 20 years, CAN will loss steam and stop this interference, in our polity: their counterparts in the country ( Jamaatul Nasarul Islam,has never interfered in any election), so this will make CAN do same.
Is it a lie?

Tell me where is the need for any apology?

I will condemn anyone who use their platform to blackmail muslim political leaders of Muslim extraction and what makes them more Nigerian than us!?

Enough of this blackmail, social media activism is damaging our country and people with good sense should step in and tell this mainstream anchors, to stop this division and judgmental conclusion, they harangue Buhari for eight years and are about to do same to Tinubu ? Or are they?

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