Don't Hoard Sallah Meat, Chief Imam warns Muslim Faithfuls.

By Mohammed Bello Doka. 
The Chief Imam of Uthman bn Affan Mosque Ilorin, Kwara State has warned Muslim faithfuls to avoid hoarding Sallah meat, as Islam frowns at such an attitude.

The Chief Imam said Islam encouraged the Muslim faithfuls to share the said meat with friends, family, neighbors and colleagues of both faith and the faithless.

Al-Fulani made this call during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, also called on Muslims to follow the teaching and the tradition of the religion in all matters of their lives.

The Chief Imam said hoarding Sallah meat in fridges is against the dictates of Islam. 

He also added that" Those who buy rams and cows for show will have their rewards accordingly.” Reminiscent of the Islamic teaching, " actions are judged according to intention. “

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