Cash Redesign: How Aso Rock Elements Misadvised Buhari, Worked Against Tinubu

By Sunday Wale Adeniran. 
This will generate controversy and some Batists will feel offended but truth is sacrosanct.

Let me start by saying that every man on earth has that particular thing that if introduced to him, there is a very high tendency that he won’t be able to resist it. 

Many men, if they have the slimmest chance to have a beautiful woman in their arms, they can trade anything for it including their marriage or home.

Many others, it is money and some both. 

Some, just conduct yourself like a 'holy' person and you have their complete trust.

But for former President Muhammadu Buhari, just present to him ‘proofs’ that somebody is corrupt or wants to corrupt the system, he’s ready to listen to you and accept your advice on how to ‘deal’ with such person.

Those who had his ears knew this and that was how Magu was unceremoniously removed. The Justice Ayo Salami later found nothing against him but he was gone already. Malami wanted him out and he used ‘corruption’ against him but later said Magu’s sin was insubordination.

Buhari could have warned Magu over that but on corruption, he wouldn’t condone it and that’s why it was used against him.

They used it against Mr Obno -Obla too.

Recall that he didn't ask Kemi Adeosun to resign. She did by herself. She wasn't accused if corruption. She would have remained in office as far as FPMB was concerned.

This is where we are going. Immediately Tinubu won the APC presidential ticket, fear descended on the camp of the enemies.

He was going to defeat his major challenger massively but those who El-Rufai later called Aso Rock elements were not comfortable with that.

He must not win.

But you can not tell the President that you wanted to stop him from winning but still there are many ways to kill a fowl.

Tinubu had loads of money to corrupt the electoral system and that must be checked!

Believe it or not, that doesn’t change this fact.

It was taken to the then President and he agreed that the voters should not be bought. He granted an interview to this effect.

That was how the cash confiscation policy was approved by a man who resisted every pressure since 2015 to remove fuel subsidy he he did not want to put more burden on our shoulders. Governors were on his neck to remove it but the Aso Rock elements did not sanction it and therefore, it did not scale through.

Then President Muhammadu Buhari wanted to leave a legacy of an election where money was not the determinant of the outcome. That was what he held so dearly and that was what they used to trap him into that wicked policy.

He did not see the chess game from the political angle aimed at putting the opposition in office.

It was for this reason that Atiku fully stood by the policy and asked the CBN governor not to extend its deadline.

Tinubu on the other hand saw the political undercurrent and spoke against it in his famous Abeokuta declaration where he said even if you seized fuel and money, we shall vote and we shall win.

Buhari ensured that everything INEC needed was provided. No member of the cabal was capable of talking him out of that because they knew that he won’t stay a day after May 29.

He just wanted a clean voting process.

And if we want to be sincere to ourselves and put this anger under check, we’ll remember how Saraki hijacked the National Assembly under Buhari’s watch. We saw so many other things that halted the progress of his government.

He was not a good player of the political game and you can not therefore now say that he did not want Tinubu to win because the policy was against his party.

‘But SWA, he wouldn’t have done that if he was the one contesting’. Yes, he wouldn’t because he wouldn’t have been so advised. He wouldn’t have been so advised because they needed him in that office for them to remain in power too. You know a parasite dies if the host dies.

The intention of the man was pure and that intention was manipulated.

The day Mallam Nasir El-Rufai said that he would name these Aso Rock elements after the election, he was telling the world the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The office of the President is one that the occupant must pray fervently not to be surrounded by wicked selfish inner cabinet. Many of this inner cabinet may not even hold any official office but the power they wield is enormous.

Not many people know how this thing work but sincerely, while the presidency was against Tinubu, the then president was not.

The statement yesterday that he did not remove fuel subsidy so that Tinubu/APC would not lose the election was true.

We all suffered the other policy, the CBN policy but he only wanted to do what was advised him to be the right thing.

The day he refused to listen to the Supreme Court initial ruling on the matter was the day any politically discerning mind should know that a President that obeyed every High Court rulings but refused to obey a Supreme Court ruling has been completely wrongly advised and in his attempt to leave a no vote buying legacy, he fell into the hands of the jackals and the hyenas.

And like I pray last night, may the good Lord continue to bless and protect him.

And my sincere wish this morning is that President Tinubu gets only those who love Nigeria more than him closest to him.


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