An Open Letter To President Bola Ahmed Tinubu By Mohammed Babangoshi

Dear President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,

I know you came at the right time as written by your Creator even before you were born. You came when Nigerians have Alot of hopes and skeptisms in your style of Leadership looking at your antecedents as former Governor, a Distinguished Senator, Party leader, a Nationalist and now our President. 

Part of this hope and skeptisms is breeded for long by the people of FCT who are earnestly yearning to be liberated among Nigerians from a place created since 1979.

This place was a virgin land and  it is (was) predominantly occupied by farmers who grows crops and other vegetables for human consumptions. They obidiently obeyed to vacate their lands for Governmental Project called Federal Capital Development Authority without any uprising uptil today.

Other Nigerians came in. They came with a paper called allocation. These allocations as I said is a piece of paper directing you to vacate your farmland inherited from your great grand fathers of hundred of years, yet no one raises an eyelid.

Sir, I am not writing here to advocate for Mayoral Position as it requires a serious legislation processes while to some extend, no President will succumb to relinquishing some of his powers to FCT Mayor (  I hope that will be a topic for another day). 

What I am simple asking is about a clause in the Constitution that says " FCT should not be treated as a state  and or the phrase that describe FCT" As if ".....

Your Excellency Sir,   my passionate appeal here is; we want you to make history, break the York, by appointing one of us to sit as member of the  Federal Executive Council Meertings to deliberate on issues of National importance  down to yearnings and aspirations of the FCT people. 

Sir, it is possible under #RenewedHope project which is  a project of Unity, Peace and giving hope to the hopeless. It is possible with you at the helm of affairs.
It is possible looking at how you bring Lagosians together as one Nigerians.

Thank you in anticipation. Looking forward to walk with our shoulders high that yes Asiwaju is the Jagaban of Africa with the passion of Nigerianism.


Jibreel Muhammad Babangoshi
June 11th, 2023

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