10th Assembly: Tajudden Abbas's Tsunami Left Wase,Jaji With A Broken Jaw.

By Mohammed Bello Doka. 
Tajudden Abbas's win at the just concluded 10th House of Representatives election has sent a wild jubilation in and around the National assembly as Abba's historic win set a new milestone in the history of political contests in Nigeria. 

Like Senator Akpabio in the Senate, Hon. Tajudden was the anointed candidate of the Speakership by the Governing APC and President Tinubu but unlike Akpabio it appears that Abbas coast is more clear thus his win more pronounced and the defeat by his contenders more devastating.

In a devastating upper cut, Abbas Pooled 353 votes, leaving his two contenders, Idris Wase and Aminu Jaji with just six votes to share, which they shared judiciously with three votes each. 

It may be recalled, that Hon. Jaji as the preferred candidate of the APC enjoys the support of the high and mighty within the party and how the party, and its leadership prevailed on major contender Betara to step down and support Abbas. 

Apparently, the contest for the 2023 election has come with a resounding success for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his Governing APC, what is now left is leadership as Nigerians expect the new crops of leaders to swing into action immediately in Oder to steam the tide of corruption and placed Nigeria right into the committee of develop nations.

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