Who Removed Oil Subsidy?

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu did not remove oil subsidy. It was former President Muhammadu Buhari that removed it with two laws that he signed - The Petroleum Industry Act that indicated the end of subsidy and the Appropriations Act 2023 that provided for oil subsidy up until June 2023. 

In his Inaugural Speech and First Address to the Nation, President Tinubu merely said: “subsidy is gone”, not “I’m removing subsidy”. 
The Buhari regime spent  borrowed multiple trillions on oil subsidy which created problems of spiraling inflation, chronic and massive youth unemployment, and an incredible devaluation of the Naira, among other daunting challenges which the new Tinubu Administration is poised to confront headlong.

President Tinubu is determined to change the narrative of the country for the better. He is on a mission of reconstruction, reconciliation, recovery, reunification and national rebirth; and in this very arduous and herculean task, the new President needs all our prayers and support.

May 30, 2023.

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