Tinubu Hangout: Stakeholders Seek Better Deal For Nigerian Education system.

By Solomon TSG
Stakeholders in the Nigerian Educational sector and the supporters and admirers of the president-elect, Bola Tinubu, who gathered for the Day 51 of pre-Inauguration hangout have said that the path to Nigeria’s development is tied to the vitality of its education sector, submitting that the country’s growth path would continue to suffer set back if a national outlook is not turned to address education in the country.

This is just as the stakeholders who are panelists at the ongoing open Discourse on the agenda of the incoming government have called the incoming government to take a clue after the standards developed nations are setting for a comprehensive education model.

The stakeholders on Tuesday during the open discourse titled ‘Actualization And Sustainability of Education’ reviewed the vision of Nigeria’s curriculum in the reality of the world and the importance of stakeholders’ collaboration.

The Discourse emphatically recommend that the incoming administration needs a reset of priorities whereby education will be in the top three of funding. And this example should be relentlessly urged upon the other tiers of government.

Harping on the necessity to educating teachers with modern technologies to secure higher outcome and driving effective strategies for a fit-for-purpose education model, the stakeholders agreed robust energies must be channeled to develop strategies to implement the discourse over making education fit-for-purpose in the country.

The panelists agreed that the focus of every educational interventions must ensure all children that passes through the nation’s system of education come out better and productive.

That effective implementation require a long term outlook, preparing children for the future by firm policies in a ‘very holistic manner.’

Panelists further agreed that it was important to ensure investment in education is result oriented, mentioning that ‘spending is different from investment,’ and as such the government must begin to ‘invest smartly and wisely.’

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