Tinubu Hangout: Cheers As 2-Year-Old Sumayya Bag Femi Osabinu's Scholarship.

By Mohammed Bello Doka. 
It is yet another season of merriment and jolly good times as another two-year-old sumayya bagged a lifelong scholarship from Mr. Femi Osabinu, a prominent attendant of the 64 days long Tinubu Hangout at the Unity Fountain Abuja. 

Mr. Osabinu a core progressive and a confidant of the convener of the Hangout, Mr. Tosin Adeyanju has been a prominent supporter of the Hangout which transmogrified from a political gathering in the defense of democracy to a philanthropic endeavor and a melting pot for progressive activities.

The young Sumayya and her 30-year-old mother, Aisha Sani who hail from Bauchi State of Nigeria, have also been regular attendees of the Hangout. While all the beneficiaries of various awards at the Hangout were choosing due to one or two activities in the Hangout, Sumayya's case was a unique one as she was too young to participate in any of the contests to enable her to win a scholarship like the rest. 

Her wits, intelligence and long memory endeared her to Mr. Femi Osabinu, who finds it in his magnanimous nature to take up the responsibility of the young girl. 

Mr. Osabinu told Abuja Network News that" It will be a pity if such a fine and intelligent girl does not afford education, I will take it upon myself to sponsor her education from pre-Nursery to University. “

The Tinubu Hangout has really brought out the good, better, and the best from Nigerians considering Mr. Osibinu being from the southeast extraction while little Sumayya is from the far Northeastern region of the country, one can say the two varied personalities were poles apart. 

This is an indication that one Nigeria is possible, regardless of the multiple challenging issues that divided us. We are still one nation, one people united in love, compassion, and comradeship.

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