Three Times The Media Lied To President Tinubu In Less Than 24hrs.

By Mohammed Bello Doka

The fourth estate of the realm has known to be controversial throughout the world, they manufacture stories that only exist in their imagination in other to attract attention and sell their papers.

But there is a major difference between the media worldwide than the Nigerian media, that is patriotism, our media are more or less not patriotic and are willing to sacrifice the peace and unity of the nation at the altar of unity. 

It can be recalled that the majority of the crises witnessed during the Buhari administration were a result of media misinformation due to the bias they held against the then president.

Similarly, most of the misunderstanding between the government and the citizens were caused by outright lies and misinformation by the media due to political differences. Our media care less if the country burns to ashes so long as their pay masters will rule over the ashes, after all, a scapegoat will be found and sacrificed and the end will wickedly justify the means.

Apparently, the Nigerian media has no plan to change and patriotism is yet to have a place in their dictionary, less than 24 hrs after the swearing in of Nigeria's 16th President, the same media has misquoted, and twisted his words at least three times and the result is that fuel queues are resurfacing all over the country with an over 200% hike in fuel prices all over the country. 

During his inaugural speech, the President made reference to a prior law signed by the ex-president regarding the Petroleum Industry Bill PIB, saying that subsidy is gone. Even a layman knows that with former President Buhari's ascent to the PIB, which has no provision for subsidy beyond the second quarter of 2023, then subsidy is automatically gone and that was precisely what the new President hinted. 

But the media twisted the narrative, saying President Tinubu had removed subsidies in his inaugural speech. Knowing full well that fuel subsidy is a matter of statute, cost, and dialogue between varied stakeholders that cannot be removed by a President that's yet to resume office. 

The result is the media and their partners in the oil industry have succeeded in heating the polity, pump prices have been hiked over 200%, fuel queues are back causing unnecessary hardship to citizens just to achieve some political goal, even though the marketers have been paid the said subsidy until the end of the second quarter of the year. 

Another outright lie by the media is the narration that President Tinubu has made some appointments, about 7 or more out of which all are Yoruba. Pitching the new President against other regions in the country that worked hard and did everything to ensure he won the elections. When in reality the President has not made any of such appointments. 

The third time the media lied against the President in less than 24 hrs is the news making round on social media that Tinubu has backtracked and said subsidy removal is not with immediate effect. This narration is geared to portray a government that is not only inconsistent, but also has no concrete plan for itself.

This should not be allowed to continue. If Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is to succeed, his handlers must devise a means to counter every lie, every negative narration and every fake news and suffocate it before it trend.

The President's media team must proactive rather than reactive to avoid the unfortunate onslaught that almost crippled the Buhari's government and shadows its achievement. Likewise, laws against fake news must be made and executed to deny anyone the chance to set the country on fire.

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