Things Fall Apart As Obidients Turn Against Each Other At The Tribunal.

By Gani Rotima. 
Today, they brought their penchant for violence to door steps of the Court of Appeal. We all witnessed it. It was a shame to behold. 

Lamidi Apapa did nothing wrong. In fact he was on his way out when the press men and women beckoned on him. It had been a day of drama for LP in Court today so naturally, the media wanted to hear all sides involved. 

Both the National Woman leader and Lamidi Apapa were shut out by the Tribunal as representative of LP in recognition of the fact that their house is not settled. The media wanted to follow up after proceedings. Then these fascists descended on him and the press people.

They said he had no right to speak. A constitutional right guaranteed by the law was summarily taken away by these people and it took the police to intervene. The man would have been lynched today by Obi and Abure supporters. 

These intolerant lots can never produce leaders of this country. Not now, not ever!!

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