The Reason Why Tinubu Never Lost Any Election.

By Ayekooto Akindele

He built men who will build him. Before he contested for Senate in 1992, he had been assisting Lagos Progressives with logistics while he was still in ExxonMobil. It was the these Lagos Progressives that invited him to join them and run for Senate. He won.

Before he ran for Governorship Election in 1999, he had been funding and participating at the topmost level of NADECO, a coalition that suffocated military junta in Nigeria . And when NADECO won the war, Tinubu became the natural choice of Lagos Progressives as against the one who served as commissioner under military junta while Tinubu was in exile fighting for democracy. Once again, he won.

Thirdly, before he ran for the Presidency of Nigeria, he supported the northern part of Nigeria for 16 years. He was consistent and he's not a fake friend. He formed and funded political parties and gave it to the northern candidates while others formed theirs and picked their tickets themselves. Therefore, in 2023, it was the Northern Governors who insisted that Power must go to the SW and particularly Tinubu. He won too! 

The lesson here is that playing religious or ethnic card in politics is wrong. It is opportunistic and lazy. It is called vulture Politics. Drop this parasitic politics and adopt the Eagle politics of the JAGABAN. 

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