How Many Years Did It Take Dangote To Build That Refinery? How Many Years Has He Been in Business?

By Retson Akpomejevwe Onyemaechi Tedheke.
The Miracle Mentality Is A Major Part of What is Destroying This Nation, The Yahoo Yahoo Mindset, The Bet9ja Expectation of N100 to Win N1million. We No Wan Well! You Put One Million Down Today and In One Year, You Want Ten Million. 

President Muhammadu Buhari Failed Because He Funded The Military For Long-Term Stability, and We are Already Beginning to See The Results.  He Failed Because He Invested in Infrastructure That Will Be Here Long After He is Gone. He Failed Because He Asked The Governors To Step up and Help in Solving The Herders Farmers Conflict and The Conflict is Rural, So Governors of State and Local Government Chairmen are the Best Solution Providers. But Dem Dey Think?
He Failed Because He Was Defiantly Nationalistic in His Agricultural Pursuit Even Though There Were Mistakes and There Will Always Be, But He Gave Enough and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Will Continue. He Failed Because He is Not Your Typical Nigerian Leader, I Detest Him as a Party Man, But He is a Good Man. It was His Goodness That Emefiele Exploited to Almost Destroy The Nigeria's Economy, Particularly The Massive Rural Informal Agricultural Economy.

We Must Begin to Think About Planting Trees as Nigerians. There are Huge Lesson That Tree Planting Gives That are Eternal, Progressive, Nationalistic, and Developmental. Look At The Trees Planted By Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Over 30 years Ago, Look at Lagos State Today, Look at Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and Those Before Him.

When The Jagaban BORGU of Africa Was Planting Life Trees in Lagos, What Were The Class of Governors From Other States of 1999 Doing? Where Are They Now? Where Are The Trees Planted By Governor Peter Obi in Anambra State During His 8 years Reign as Governor? I Mean, What Trees Can The ELLUUPEE 75 Maestro Point To in Anambra That Nigerians Can See?

In The Business of Governance, Activism Does Not Work Because Activists Think Short-Term. I Can Break Down These Walls and Rebuild Them Better in a Few Days? Those Are Spiritual Hallucinations, That Have No Place in Reality. That Kind of Miracle Never Existed and Will Never Exist. It is Only Available Virtually, and That is Not Nation's Building.

For Agriculture to Work, It Must Be Planted Like a Tree. Given Time. Resources Must Be Spent to Nurture and Maintain it, and When it Begins to Fruit it Feeds Nations. When it Begins to Rain, The Trees Provide Shelter and When The Sun Burns, You Know You Can Rely on The Tree For Cover.

Go and Plant a Tree and You Will Really Understand The Statement… Rome Was Not Built in A Day. It is Hard to Build and Easy to Destroy. This Generation Breast, Ass and According To My Urhobo Brother Parara, Generation 'Manpower' Believes They Are Building When all They Have Done is Destroy With Their Short-termism Driven By The Fallacy of Idiotic Idealism.

In Celebrating Alhaji Aliko Dangote Today, We Are Celebrating Long-Term Nation's Building and Social Economic Development/Growth. That is What Nigeria Needs Now, Not Some Western Ideology That Only Favors The West. 

I am Proud The President Buhari Government Supported Dangote Because The Western Hypocrisy of Government Having No Business in Business Died With The Massive Subsidies, Cheap Loans, Negative Repos and Governmental Interventions The Western Companies Enjoy From Their Governments. Why Will Microsoft and Amazon Be Fighting Over Government Contract and the EU Be Fighting The US and Vice Versa, With The AIRBUS EADS and Boeing Continuing Quarrels Over Whom is Giving The Most Subsidies?

Thank you, President Muhammadu Buhari, Thank You, Lagos State and Thank You Alh Aliko Dangote For Making Nigeria Proud.

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