Oyetola's Loss: Atiku, Obi Should Be Ready For A Sucker Punch By Gani Rotimi

Meanwhile, today the Tribunal heard parties. PDP has an application for live coverage of proceedings. The Supreme Court has been clear on this kind of applications and APC/Asiwaju promised to help PDP come up to speed on what the current position of the law is. 

APC has two motions to dismiss PDP's Petition for being frivolous and both have been served. Will PDP go the way of AA after seeing the case made out against them in the Objections? We have to wait.

Meanwhile, APP has filed a Notice to discontinue its own Petition. They are following the example of AA who also withdrew when they saw what was coming their way from  both APC and President-Elect. 

One thing is certain, this Petition will be a crash course in election petition litigation for PDP and LP. They will be educated on how this is done.

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