Ministerial Nominee From Ekiti State Time To Use Time As A Tool.

Importance of time in the life of individuals or a people like us in Ekiti cannot be overemphasized. Time as an asset is valuable because it is finite. Once time passes, it can never be recovered! Time can be defined as an ongoing and continuous sequence of events that occur in succession; from past through the present, and to the future. Time in physics as we were taught is defined simply as change or the interval over which change occurs while it is defined as a measured or measurable period, a continuum that lacks spatial dimensions in chemistry.

People have worried over time for centuries, yet did not surrender to the anxiety of time, nor do they allow time to become their major impediment. 

In the human desperation to come to terms with the arrow of time, people have discovered different means to tame their enemy. They invented the clock and the calendar and spent countless hours trying to figure out the concept of time to no avail.

As a people, the time we are in Ekiti after the conclusion of the local and national elections is critical to ensuring we get things right. We are on the verge of making the critical decision of whom to trust as being more appropriate and the cap fits to represent the State of over three million people as Federal Minister in the Federal Executive Council which is the highest decision making organ in the country.  Given the political narrative in the state, it is expedient that as a people, we put our best foot forward. We should agree on appointing such energetic and dependable individual who will be ready to work with the incoming president to actualize his vision for the nation and our State. It is expected that this time, the youths who have keenly anticipated and have begun to envisage a renewing of their hopes are not disappointed once more by the careless selection of this personality that will occupy office at their service. However the question is whether these teeming young men and women in the state have made up their minds for a positive change in their lives or not. Posterity will be kind to us for making a decision to speak up and stand to be counted in the face of this reality. 

Recently and so unfortunately, the name of our immediate past Governor, John Kayode Fayemi has been making the rounds in many quarters. His supporters in total disregard to the sombre mood of our people and the Ekiti political calculations in ensuring equity, justice and fair play, have turned up the subtle and surreptitious proxy campaign to *they against us*. To them, it is either Dr. Fayemi or nobody after his sting as a two term governor, a former federal minister, a former Chairman of the all powerful Governors Forum, a presidential aspirant until his defection on the ground of the convention, and a seating President of Forum of Africa. Unknown to them, Dr. Fayemi himself and the majority of Ekiti people and Nigeria in general can see through the deceit and mischief of this set of eye-service, yesterday followers. The entire world knows that the height of their mischief is to drag JKF to the cabinet of Asiwaju to advance his rested, misled presidential ambition - the height of their naughtiness - bearing in mind that Ekiti has seen enough of Dr. Fayemi who has nothing more to prove than he already has in his continuous past twelve years as our representative, be it as a Governor or Minister. What the few gluttonous *"anywhere belle face"* wants in projecting Dr. Fayemi as Minister again, is nothing but to sustain his manipulative grip on the government of Governor Oyebanji and, by that, derail him from continuing his good works. 

Those pushing the ministerial agenda for Dr. Fayemi are not only wicked, they are dubious and pretenders making clandestine moves to alter and scuttle the ambience of political peace and continuity which the present government of Ekiti is working on establishing. The height of their iniquitousness is to potentially deny our youths once again, it is an act of insentivity to deny the Southern part of the State of fair political inclusion whereas this is one part of the State that has paid more than enough price for the peace and tranquility of the State.

The trajectory of the victory of Asiwaju and APC today is not without the concerted efforts of many individuals from the State. As much as l can recollect, as early as in year 2019, the nation was agog with the delve move of one of Ekiti finest sons in person of UN Eminent Peace Ambassador (Dr.) Adegboyega joining forces and trading resources with the likes of Dr. Abubakar Abdullahi Kuso SSA to Niger State Governor and Hon. Tayo Ayinde Akinmade CoS to Lagos State Governor to team up with other Progressive minded disciples of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to form the all powerful Bola Tinubu Support Organization (BTSO) for the propagation of the narrative for a Southern President in 2019 and making a case for Asiwaju Presidency on the basis of equity, justice and fairness.

Dr. Adegboyega (Ijinle as is fondly called), was the Director Planning, Research and Strategy (DPRS) of the elite group who initiated policies, programmes and crafted a blueprint towards the actualization of the organization's aims and objectives to market, sell and advertise Asiwaju as the right Person to succeed President Buhari, by so doing he gave impetus to the group to meet its predetermined goal of Asiwaju Presidency which we are all happy for today.

The group has the likes of HRH the Emir of Borgu as its Grand Patron, Alhaji Mohammed Sani Haliru Dantoro Kitoro VII and Hon. Tayo Akinmamde Ayinde the Chief of Staff to the Governor of Lagos as the BOT Chairman.

His sterling performance was what guaranteed him a very strategic position as the Deputy Chief Of Staff to Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State, the Director General Tinubu/Shettima Presidential Campaign Council. This is just an example of capable and competent hands out there that deserve to be supported and projected to represent the State at the highest decision-making level.

Time, they say waits for no man, this is another golden opportunity for the political class in Ekiti to know and admit that all the world is a stage, and all the men and women, merely players: they have their exits and their entrances. And so for the love of Ekiti *we must use time as a tool, not as a couch*.  The old political stock have given the best of their arsenals in tackling the problems that have bedeviled us as a state, however it is time to recognize that at this stage their best intentions are considered as mere unsolicited patronage for Ekiti now needs a new breed of representation. 

.......... TO BE CONTINUED ......

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