World War Scare As Russia Suspend Diplomatic Ties With Sweden.

By Mohammed Bello Doka. 
As relationship between the Capitalist and Communist blocks continue to soar and tension continues to rise as we watch the world continue to get polarized along the two major divides, relations between Russia and Sweden are at the verge of collapsing, further aggravating the tension between the two blocks. 

It could be recalled that on the 25th of April the Swedish Government declared 5 Russian diplomats were declared persona non grata by the Swedish authorities in a move widely condemned and considered hostile across the globe, today Russian authorities have returned the favor equally declaring 5 Swedish diplomats as persona non grata and also declaring the Government move to suspend the activities of the Russian Consulate in Gothenburg. The Russian Federation also revoked its consent for the activities of the Swedish Consulate in St. Petersburg from September 1.

The recent move is considered by pundits as capable of aggravating the already tense relation between the two nations and a continued polarization of relations between the East and West. 

The statement was released today by the Russian Foreign Ministry through its verified Facebook page. The full statement below. 

“On May 25, the Swedish Ambassador to Russia, Malena Mard was summoned to the Foreign Ministry and informed that, given Sweden’s conformational course towards the Russian Federation, it was decided to suspend the activity of the Russian Consulate General in 

  “At the same time, the head of the Swedish mission was informed that the Russian party was revoking its consent for the activity of the Swedish Consulate-General in St. Petersburg from September 1, 2023.”

“Five employees of Russian diplomatic missions in Sweden were declared personae non grata on April 25, 2023, in what has been considered an openly hostile measure by Stockholm. These actions by the Swedish authorities have further aggravated bilateral relations, which have reached an unprecedented low level, including as a result of the ongoing Russophobic campaign in Sweden.”

“The Swedish Ambassador was told that the Russian party has decided to declare five Swedish diplomats personae non grata, including three employees under the military attaché at the Swedish Embassy in Moscow. They were instructed to leave the Russian Federation within the same time period that was given to Russia’s employees by the Swedish authorities.”

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