Leaked: How Tosin Adeyanju's Tinubu Hangout Throws Stones Into The Obidients Planned Protest.

By Mohammed Bello Doka
Obidients movements have been known, acknowledged and described as a violent team that uses intimidation and threats to meet their political goals. 

It was on the spotlight how the movement used extra judicial means through violence to cement their dominance in the Southeastern part of Nigeria and how they denied other dissenting voices the ability to have their say even when they (the obedient) have their way.

Abuja Network News has uncovered numerous moves by the Obidients to cause chaos in Abuja the Federal Capital, to have a showdown with security agencies in a well orchestrated plan to dent the image of the Nigerian Government and portray it as a poor human right defender.  

But one thing remained a cog in the wheel of that plans and Obidients couldn't find a way to handle. 

That's the Tosin Adeyanju's team of progressives located at the unity fountain, Abuja, a strategic location close to any venue of intended showdown. 

The Obidients are afraid of a showdown with fellow civilians, who have been peacefully doing their things for the past 60 days. They are aware that any move to anger the progressive team with be a bad PR for them yet with unintended consequences.

Abuja Network News learned that the Obedient have been making numerous futile efforts to terminate the hang-out using their cronies both in the executive and other government agencies. 

On the other hand, Tinubu Hangout convener Mr. Tosin Adeyanju tagged the defender of the renewed hope mandate, has continued to garner support from peace-loving Nigerians who appreciate his outreach and empowerment programs, making him the new darling of social media. 

Adeyanju and his team have dedicated most of the Hangout to helping the poor and the vulnerable, providing scholarships to indigent children as well as other basic amenities to the poor and the downtrodden.

The other side of the Hangout also includes but not limited to entertainment, which has become a uniting force between the numerous Nigerian tribes who troop in en masse to showcase their beautiful cultures at the same time reiterating their support for the incoming Government and its officials.

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