Kwankwaso: Obidients Should Be Ready For Something Worse Than A Broken Jaw.

By Fatima M. Sambo
As information continues to unravel the truth, it is becoming clearer than the day that Kano State Governor Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje is not only aware of the meeting between his former and current boss but also consented to the same. 

A supposedly leaked audio apparently manufactured by the obidients in their frustrated bid to cause chaos within the rank of the ruling APC has once again hit the brick wall. 

In the purported audio, Governor Ganduje was heard complaining bitterly why The President-elect will meet with his former boss the former Kano State Governor Dr. Rabi'u Musa Kwankwaso without the involvement of the Kano State APC. 

But as revelations continue to reel out, it is becoming clear that the said supposition was just a figment of the obidients imagination, typical of their frustrated assumption in other to calm their naive supporters and give them a false hope in a hopeless situation.

Facts have continued to point out that Dr. Ganduje was not only consulted, but is supporting the move. This is a beautiful development that will only help put the nail on the coffin of the artukulated-obidients in the near future.

This is coming in the midst of the Obidients confusing and downward trends in the tribunal where they face the risk of loosing the majority of their sits to other parties. 

Recently, a Kano State High Court passed a judgement that the Labour Party has no Candidates in the 2023 General elections in the state due to the failure of the party to submit its register of voters to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) 30 days before the primary elections of the party.

With this ruling, the party is the most like going to lose most if not all of its seats in other States due to similar malfunction.

As it stands, the Labour Party is up for something worse than a sucker punch that will leave them with another thing worse than a broken jaw.

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