Bode George, No Longer Going On Exile, Ready To Work With Tinubu.

The former Deputy National Chairman of the People's Democratic Party, Olabode George, has withdrawn his treat to go on exile on the occasion of Tinubu's victory in the 2023 polls.

This is coming after some elders of Lagos State APC visited him to initiate a discussion on a way to resolve the longtime grudge between him and the President-elect.

The elders appealed for his understanding and the need to mend forces with the incoming President, who will be resuming office on May 29, 2023. A few days from now. 

It could be recalled that George had been a bitter critic of the President-elect and had done everything possible to stop him from winning the elections, including threatening exile should Tinubu win the election and is sworn in as president of the country.

But in a new twist of event, the National leader said, “Let me say there are no political differences between Tinubu and I. Justice Olorunnimbe is like a father, we respect our fathers in Lagos.”

“When I got an invitation from Papa Olusi that he wanted to come and see me the first time, I told my friend who delivered the message that I should go and visit him and not the other way around. But Papa Olusi said he had to come and see and that it had to do with the situation in Lagos.

“This is the second time Papa Olusi is visiting. We had detailed discussions that bothered the unity of Lagos. I must say, we re-established the fact that the culture of Lagos is to accept and accommodate other tribes.”

When asked about working with President Tinubu, Mr. Bode George said a divided house will be a defeated house, I have explained to Baba Olusi that there is no problem with working together.

“The kind of platform we are trying to have is for a unity of purpose in Lagos State, irrespective of party affiliations.

“On the bottom line, you are a Lagosian though we can have different political affiliations.

“We have no battle, nothing personal between him and I.”

“What had happened has gone, vengeance is not mine but the almighty God. We will have differences, we will disagree, but we must not be disagreeable.”

With the recent agreement, it is expected that one of the oldest political rivalry of our time is coming to an end as Nigerians prepare for yet another administration with their hope renewed.

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