Group calls for Youth Inclusivity in Tinubu’s Government

In a bid to promote youth engagement and inclusion in government, Youth O' Clock, a non-governmental organization, has resolved to advise the newly elected president of Nigeria, Ahmed Bola Tinubu to engage youths in his cabinet.

It is no secret that the Nigerian youth population is a significant demographic, comprising over 60% of the total population. Despite this, youth participation in governance has been limited, with few opportunities for young people to engage in decision-making processes. This lack of engagement has resulted in feelings of disenfranchisement among young people, leading to apathy and disinterest in the political process.

Youth O' Clock recognizes the importance of youth engagement in governance and has taken it upon itself to advocate for the inclusion of young people in the political sphere. The organization believes that young people have the potential to bring new ideas, fresh perspectives, and innovative solutions to the challenges facing the country.

One of the ways in which Youth O' Clock is advocating for youth engagement is by advising the incoming president to include young people in his cabinet. The organization believes that young people should be given the opportunity to serve in key positions, such as ministers and advisers, where they can contribute their expertise and ideas to the development of the country. A notion they have heralded through their many campaigns for the President elect during the period of his candidacy not only in Nigeria but also beyond the shores of Nigeria in far way Addis Ababa in April, 2022 where they assured the audience during the Africa-Asia Summit that he (President Elect) has special expertise in identifying potential in youth and eventually handpicking and placing square pegs in square holes. 

Amb. (Dr.) Adegboyega Bamisile is a prime example of a youthful asset who can bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the government. During the last presidential election in Nigeria, Dr. Bamisile played a crucial role in the success of the All Progressives Congress (APC), using his expertise in strategic planning and execution to ensure victory for the party. His track record of moth-blowing achievements has made him a valuable asset to the party and a role model for young people in the country.

In conclusion, Youth O' Clock believes that the inclusion of young people in the government is crucial to the development and progress of Nigeria. The organization is committed to working with the incoming president to promote youth engagement in governance and ensure that young people are given the opportunity to contribute their skills and ideas to the growth of the country. With the right policies and strategies, Nigeria can harness the potential of its youth population and take significant steps towards a brighter future.

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