Five Reasons That Make Me Qualify Hajiya Maryam Danjaki,Mubarak,Sayo As Criminals.

As of today 8th may ,2023 the remaining money in AASG FCMB account is 2.1 million naira which MUBARAK early today withdraw 100 thousand naira into his personal account, which means the remaining money now as of today is 2 million naira, And Pastor Segun still deceiving AASG members that 100 people are still posted to bank last three days, HAJIYA and her cohort has spent 98 million naira out of 100 million so the remaining money now is 2 million naira, and they are still deceiving our great members who have work tirelessly for our President elect ASIWAJU, Some members loose there cars,some borrowed money to facilitate the election.

1) Our situation room money 5.5 million naira where is it?
2) The security money approved by our CAPACITY DG 1.5 Million that HAJIYA gave them 250,000 naira,and after the DG tell the security guys the truth her son now transfer 500,000 naira to make it 750,000 naira where is the remaining balance?
3) The 1.5 millions transfer to HAJIYA SON is for what ?even the AC guy that came to do maintenance how much did you give the guy, recall that am there when you where negotiating?
Those guys that came to repairs the chair how much did you give those guys? Note I have there number in my hand for confirmation
4) The money contributed by the directorate before election for some members for transport, MUBARAK send the money at random to some people 6000,7000,8000 instead of 10,000 naira, How many members did MUBARAK paid with that money? MUBARAK SHOULD COME AND TELL THE GROUP HOW HE SPENT THE MONEY*
5) 420 AASG MEMBERS was (sic) paid out of 2000 support group  , 50,000*420= 21,000,000. 100,000,000-21,000,000 =79,000,000 naira*

Now HAJIYA and his (sic) cohort is planning to liaise with Dr. Ladan that HAJIYA fight to come back(sic) to DG position, HAJIYA and her cohort wanted to go back to eat their vomit again because of her criminal act. 

HAJIYA DANJAKI is fighting our capacity DG ENGR. Muhammad Kailani  because the DG ask them to come and tell all the support group how they spent the 100 million naira, I will urge all the members of AASG support group not to support all her(sic) criminal act by HAJIYA taking us back to Dr. Ladan that she removed because of her greediness, selfishness and criminal plan. 

Our capacity DG ENGR. is working hard to make sure ASIWAJU will reward all the members, and also trying to restructure AASG at large, We need our cooperation to do this as a unique organization. We will try as much as possible to make sure no APC amalgamated support group money will enter their dubious accounts again.

 And I am very happy to tell all the support group members that our president elect have collected the printed copy of support group name published on daily trust,He also stated it that any reward coming to support group will not pass through HAJIYA and her cohort criminal (sic) anymore.

Long live to AASG
Long live to APC

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