Dangote Refinery Is Such A Big Deal Nigerians Don't Seem To Know-Reno

By Mohammed Bello Doka
Reno Omokri the former Presidential adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan, has hailed the effort of the African richest man and the richest black investor in the globe, Alhaji Aliko Dangote in building the biggest and the largest refinery on earth which is set to be launched in Lagos later this month. 

Reno says the refinery is such a big deal that the majority of Nigerians are not aware of, he also wonders why Nigerian media outlets are not giving the project the needed publicity despite the strategic importance of the project to Nigeria and Africa. 

Reno made this statement on his verified Facebook account and his other social media handles. In his words.

“Dangote's refinery is such a big deal. We Nigerians don't seem to know that. Not only is it worth $19 billion and is the largest single train refinery in the world, but it also occupies an area than Victoria Island, Ikoyi and Banana Island combined. With the direct and indirect jobs it will create, it is set to employ more people than the Lagos State Government.” 

"We are not making enough noise about this. It is a big deal. A game changer. Why is our government not showing enough excitement about this project? Every TV station and newspaper should have a countdown to the official opening. Especially the NTA. If this were happening in South Africa, they would flood the airwaves. We must do the same.”

“Nigeria must prove that she loves good news more than bad news. Dangote's love scandal of 2021 made more headlines than his record-breaking refinery of 2023. What does that say about us as a people? Not much. Not much! Our preference for bad news over good is a trait we must weed out of our couture.” 

“In economic terms, this refinery is more relevant to Nigeria than the proposed inauguration of a new President and government on May 29.”

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