See The Pictures Causing Panic And Goosebumps In The Obidient's Camp

As we inch closer to the May 29 swearing in and formal transition of power from the next level to renewed hope, the picture of incoming President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu receiving the Baton of power from the outgoing President Muhammadu Buhari continues to cause panic, tears, and fears in the camp of the Obidients and their co conspirators the Atikulates and co. 
Besides the picture of the incoming President receiving Nigeria's Highest honor award reserved only to President, the Baton of Power has already shown where the pendulum swings and the Obidients inability to stop the so much anticipated event. 
It could be recalled that Peter Obi the Chief Obidient has rejected the results of the 2023 elections as released by INEC and has gone to court to challenge the process. Obidients from across the country have vowed to prove at the tribunal that Peter Obi, not Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, won the election.

But in a surprised twist of even while filing the petition, Obi chose to challenge the process rather than the results and is asking and praying the court to grant him a whooping 7 weeks to present his witnesses.

The irony is as Obidients were eager to force the Tribunal to issue judgement and declare Obi as the winner of the election before May 29, the Obidients lawyers are seeking of almost two months to present their witnesses. 
With the formal transfer of the Baton of power to the incoming President, it is apparent that the Obidients have failed again to stop the renewed hope.

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