Meet Alh. Auwal Bashir A Pillar Of The Tinubu Hangout.

By Mohammed Bello Doka. Politics as a game played by politicians in a quest to attain and retain political power either as a means to an end or as an end in and of itself, is often characterized with pros and cons, friends and foes and, above all, hidden fingers and shadows who not only support but also push and direct the swing of the pendulum of success to and fro. 

It is in this category that Alhaji Auwal Bashir falls, a friend, a confident, and a supporter of Tosin Adeyanju the defender of the renewed hope mandate of Asiwaju. 
Alhaji Auwal has been at the unity fountain from day one, that is 63 good days helping with his the energy and resources to make the project a reality. 

Alhaji Auwal has been using his resources from day one of the hangout to support the entertainers, supply the food and drinks for both the staff and the spectators at the hangout. 

The most prominent of his contributions include but not limited to helping with scholarships to various indigent pupils, provision of food clothing and other basic amenities to orphans and the less privileged. 

Alhaji Auwal has also been very supportive and philanthropic in helping the reach out with food staples, medical services and other amenities sent to various orphanages and welfare centers. 

What is more interesting and impressive about Alhaji Bashir is he is not a politician, all this he does to support his friend and bother from the other mother, Mr. Tosin Adeyanju. 

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