Who Made You A Judge Over Us? Exodus 22:14

By Sunday Wale Adeniran. 

Who made you judge over us?
Exodus 2:14

That was the question that sent Moses out of the palace for 40 years.

I do not know why and how the PDP media house owned by Obegbona think that they are the only organization that represents the voice of the people. 

Who gave them that office?

On what ground?

Why would a people who have been attacking Tinubu since before APC presidential primaries now think that they are unbiased to interrogate him?

What exactly is the meaning of this nonsense?

Why are these blackma!lers arrogating to themselves what they do not possess? 

What they do not work for?

Are they not aware that this their blackma!l against Asiwaju is a lost one already?

Can’t they just sit back and tell themselves the truth that this could consume them completely even before we shout Happy New Year?

Do they not know that most of us are veterans in the game of opposition that we sometimes laugh at the failure of PDP to play the role we handed over to them in 2015?

Are they not aware that more verifiable facts about Obegbona are in the cooler?

Who made them judge over us?



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