When IhPOB was at infancy, we warned their backers by Sunday Wale Adeniran.


We said that traditional leader in SE should not give them milk but they ignored us.

We said that political leaders should nip it in the bud but Ezeife, Abaribe and others including Governors, Senators etc wanted to be popular with the people and so had to identify with Nnamdi Kanu. Ekweremadu as the number Senator in Nigeria openly supported them until that Yam Festival slap in Nuremberg, Germany.

We asked religious leaders too to help prevent the danger but they also blamed the Fulan!s for the uprising by their own people.

The people themselves saw these terror!sts as their deliverers. They said that they were fighting for their liberation.

IhPOB formed ESN to the applause of the majority of the people and leaders in Ala Igbo, the land endowed by God to be of great people but who have majorly allowed falsehood, hate and bitterness rule the minds of the majority.

Today, I weep for that land and I mean that my heart bleeds.

My heart bleeds because that infant has become an uncontrollable monster. Untameable.

When FG sent the military to cleanse them off the land, the people especially our press said that FG did not face Boko Haramm, their ex-NE colleagues in terroris!sm but who have now been seriously decimated. That was the excuse they gave for FG to leave these k!llers alone. 

In the heart of their hearts, I know that both the people and the leaders who supported these k!llers want a stop to this insan!ty but they can not tell anyone.

They don’t like the kill!ngs but who can they tell other than to continue with the self deceit game of blaming others except themselves.

Some have started saying that the police and the DSS were responsible for the carn+age they know was carried out by their own murde+rous boys.

But this deceit will not help them, it will only give the k!llers more reason to carry out more k!llings.


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