What Is Your Story By Muhammad Aliyu Alkali.


Why is it important to tell to others?  It is the history that tells the story of the past and it may be your history or the generations that came before you.  

I understand that the youth of today will not consider it important, but one day….years from now….one or two will wake up and understand the complexity of life by reading or remembering your told stories….important stories or other wise.

As far as I know, the present generations did not fight  independence to become heroes  in today's politics but they did fight in the struggle to emancipate in identity creation. Struggle  came from a life hardship, pain and heal.  

Lazy youth to fight independence and freedom in the context of politics or just a dream to become. But how often will the reality mark the beginning out of the present Inconsistency,eagerness,multiple choice and envy as their catalyst in the name of advocacy.

You see what you are today but you don't know what your tomorrow will be...

A long term commitment from class room to present day time,I'm not proud of the success but struggle, commitment and discipline is the secret behind above all,parental blessing remain the major bond in the success.

You should always appreciate  the value of the gift given to you by Almighty Allah and therefore respect those who are behind you,perhaps one day you may meet them ahead of you too.

I will always remember the regard Showed to me by my political mentor who made me what I'm today. My Governor,my pride.

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