USA 2024 Who Is Afraid Of The MAGA?

A special House January 6. Committee calls on DOJ to prosecute former US President Donald J. Trump on charges of insurrection against the state. A charge which if convicted will see Donald Trump banned for life from holding public office in the USA. 

As momentum for 2024 US general elections continue to rise one will only but wonder if congressional Democrats are jittery of the rising popularity of the former President who by all indications will be the Democrat's biggest challenger in the upcoming elections.

Donald Trump the 45th President of the USA officially declared to contest again for the highest office in the State on November 15th 2022 pitching him against his predecessor and current President Joe Biden who declared his intention to seek reelection earlier on in January. 

Even though Senate Democrats are a bit reserved on prosecuting  Trump based on their conviction that there should be a highest bar in prosecuting and or convicting a former chief executive but the House Democrats are seen to be putting more pressure on investigators to investigate Trump. An investigation that will most likely convict Trump thus automatically banning him from holding any public office in the united states.

Whatever the decision of the DOJ we are set for yet another legal battle between the Democrats and Republicans as we inch closer to yet another general elections in 2024. 

It is most likely Trump will win the Republican Party nomination to fly it's presidential flag due to his rising popularity amongst GOP despite the likelihood of the prosecution. Already a huge swam of followers, members and supporters of the old party sees the said investigation as trump up and politically motivated to hide the apparent failure of Biden and his Democratic Party to deliver on their campaign promises.

Trump's  foreign Policies of zero invasion of foreign lands, his holistic approach to Israel and Palestinian conflict amongst others are continuing to attract him some large following both withing and outside the united States.

And it is expected that He is going to be the main challenger to Biden who is battling with his popularity due to what many termed as  failure of the government to address major challenges of the covid 19, issues of inflation and rising insecurity within the States.

It is unlikely how the DOJ will respond to the call by House Democrats on weather to prosecute the Former President. But one thing remain clear Trump is becoming more popular day by day within and outside the United States.

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