Unknown Gunmen Is The Major Security Threat In The S. E Not IPOB- S.C.O Bishop.

Yesterday we  (Abuja Network News) Published a story from our sources in Anambra State with the caption Ipob's Christmas gift to APC in Onitsha. In the ethics of journalism which include but not limited to the sprit of balanced reportage and in depth investigation we take a step further to unravel the certainty of the said  story and also to hear from both sides.  

In this interview with Mr S.C.O Bishop the Director General for Bright Osemeka Campaign Council who is the APC candidate for Onitsha North and South Federal Constituency in Anambra State, we discussed in details to get their side of the story being the victims of the incident. 

Although Mr SCO Bishop doubts the insinuations that the outlawed Independent People of Biafra Ipob was behind the attack, he also said "we cannot rule out sabotage" in the incident due to the popularity of his Principal. 

Read the full interview below.

ANN: Pls kindly introduce yourself for the records thanks.

Bishop: My name is SCO Bishop, the campaign DG for Hon Bright Osemeka, who is the APC candidate for Onitsha North and South Federal Constituency.

ANN: Thank you, We were greeted this morning by a  video of a burning APC campaign office in your constituency can you please brief us on what happened?

Bishop: I was called by my secretary at about 2pm on Christmas day that the building housing our office is on fire; when I got to the address, the whole first floor had burned down. I was meant to understand the the fire started in the apartment behind and extended to our campaign office.

ANN: How will you react to the claim from some quaters that the building was tourched by IPOB?

Bishop: Though the fire didn't start from our office, arson can't be ruled out.

You know we have a large billboard of our APC Presidential candidate at the property and we all know how threatened other parties feel at the sight or mention of the Jagaban.
If it were IPOB, they would attack the office directly and possibly pull down the billboard. 

The APC House of Representatives candidate Hon Bright Osemeka is a big threat to his opponents, hence its possibly a sabotage from opponents.
I am confident that Police investigation would uncover the real cause of the incident.

ANN: Amidst threat by IPOB we've seen videos of them chanting  no elections in the the southeast, no referendum no elections and what have you, how safe are you people campaigning for the APC in the region and how confident are you in winning the elections?

Bishop: So far, we haven't had any confrontation with IPOB; the real security concern is that of the "unknown gunmen." If the government can provide adequate security, I believe the election would go well, albeit pockets of minor disturbances.
Its not going to be an easy election but with the candidature of Hon Bright Osemeka who is a very popular candidate and also with the insightful leadership of the PCC coordinator in Anambra, Senator Margery Okadigbo and most importantly with the help of the almighty God, victory is assured.

ANN: On a Final note what will be your call to the government, the party leadership and the INEC towards conducting a successful free and fair elections in the next few weeks in the State?

Bishop: Security is an imported component of every successful election, government should endeavour to provide adequate security to ensure the election goes hitch free. The party here in Anambra is not as popular as in the western or northern states; APC leadership in the state should put in more effort to avoid a repeat of what occurred in the last Guber election. As the prime arbiter, INEC should maintain a level playing field for all parties to ensure a free and fair process.

Overall, I'm confident that APC will emerge victorious in the general election.

ANN: Thank you so much Mr Bishop we will definitely call to hear from you again when the need arise.

Bishop: Thank You for having me.

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