The Power of One Vote

In *1649* , one vote caused Charles 1 of England to be executed.

In *1654* , one vote gave Oliver Cromwell the control of England. 

In *1776* , one vote gave America the English language instead of German language. 

In *1839* , one vote elected Marcus Morton the governor of the state of Massachusetts.

In *1845* , one vote brought Texas into the union.

In *1868* , one vote saved President Andrew Johnson from impeachment.

In *1875* , one vote changed France from a Monarchy into a Republic.

In *1876* , one vote gave Rutherford B. Hayes the President of the United States.

In *1923* , one vote gave Adolf Hitler the leadership of the Nazi Party.

In *1941* , one vote preserved the selective service system just 12 weeks before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

In *1960* , Richard Nixon lost the Presidential Election to John F. Kennedy by less than one vote per precinct in the United States.

Yes! Your one vote can make a difference indeed!, ..... 
Your one vote can change the course of Nigeria history for good!...
You can make Nigeria great again vote Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for President 2023.
Everyone is important

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