What was the IGR of Anambra state when you became Governor and how much did you add to it in 8 years?

What was the poverty level for the state when you took over and what was it the day you left?

How long did Doctors go on strike when you were Governor in Anambra state and why?

Why did you fire the state university Vice Chancellor over a strike action by the lecturers and why did it take your government that long to get them back to classrooms?

What justification do you have in investing state fund in your family’s business when you were the Governor?

What is now the value of the investment you pride that you made for the people of Anambra state?

Why did you refuse to appear before the Endsars panel in Anambra state to answer questions on the killings that took place under you?

Why do Anambra people till date call bad roads Obi road and good roads Ngige road?

What in the number of roads you constructed as Governor?

How many housing units did you build?

What was the contribution of your government to the health sector in that state?

You submitted only GCE result to INEC but you and your supporters claim that you possess higher educational qualifications. What is the login behind that?

What can you say about the verified Pandora paper?

Why did you tell the Hausa community that were attacked that Anambra state was not their home and refused to build another market for them after the attack despite pleas by the Sultan’s emissaries but today say that you’ll foster national unity if elected president?

Fake Chinese, Malaysian, Egyptian or Bangladeshi statistics is not what sensible people want to hear.

Those who call themselves journalists should ask you these questions and then they and you can be taken seriously.

If a man wants a higher responsibility, he should be asked to produce and defend his past record.


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