As the war in Nigeria's main opposition party is raging like a wild fire with no end in sight, here are reasons why the main opposition party will loose the election and Tinubu of the APC will win the said elections.

In 2019 the trio of Atiku,Obi and kwankwaso were united in their common goal which is dethroning Buhari and APC from the sit of power and enthroning the PDP. Today the trio are not only scattered in different parties but are busy trowing stones at each other from a glass house. This is the main reason why the PDP will loose the election to the APC.

Also in 2019 the NEC,NWC and various organs of the APC are in harmony and the national chairman of the party is in total control of his structure, today the reverse is the case and things seems to fall apart amidst a continues schism and squabbles.

In 2019 the trio of Atiku ( the Presidential Candidate) Wike (The main sponsor) and the then National Chairman of the party were not only in good term but are also united in the cause, today Atiku, Wike and the current national chairman are not only trowing muds at each other but are also doing everything possible to antagonise each other, clearing the field for internal sabotage which will at the end of the day hasten the defeat of the PDP.

Another important factor is the fact that PDP as a party which relies on misinformation, disinformation and trading fake stories has found its propaganda machine decimated and working against each other, the parrot FFK is now batified, Aisha yesufu and the 70 years old youth aka area father are in labor absent pregnancy and disgruntled Deji Adeyanju is vibrating daily shaking the umbrella while he toil in vain, I wonder if Reno that is now struggling to fence himself from the barrage of attacks from FFK can achieve what the team of FFK, Yesufu, Charley boy and himself amongst other fail to achieve in 2019.

Another very important reason that will nail the PDP coffin is that the PDP has lost the dominance in its major support base the southeast, the party is not only having its dominance challenged but is at the risk of loosing the region to the obidients or at least loosing a very important part of the said dominance. Having in mind that every vote secured by the obidients is a minus for the PDP.

Also Atiku's arrogance coupled with Wike's unrepentant and unforgiving sprit of a bad looser is not helping matters, worst Ayu's decision to side with the highest bidder rather than being a peace maker is giving the party a run for its money.

So before you shout rigging when the PDP eventually lost the elections to APC come February consider the above reason and also note that we will never allow you to wail in peace.

Mohammed Bello Doka Chairman and CEO Abuja Network News.

Disclaimer. Pls note that the opinions expressed in this article are not the opinions of Abuja News Network but that of the author.

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