President Muhammadu Buhari Bags Guinea Bissau's Highest National Honour, The Amilcar Cabral Award.

In a statement posted on the President's Facebook page he was quoted as saying.
"I thank President Umaro Sissoco Embaló and the people of Guinea Bissau for conferring on me the highest National Honour of the country, the Amilcar Cabral Award; as well as naming a major road in Bissau after me. These honours are very much appreciated.

Nigeria and Guinea Bissau have a very special relationship. We have come a long way, dating back to Guinea Bissau’s liberation struggle from Portugal, when Nigeria supported the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde.
I am equally proud of the persevering stand of Nigeria in ensuring that Guinea Bissau remains on the side of democratic governance.

Nigeria’s strong stand through ECOWAS; our insistence on and push for full implementation of the Conakry Peace Agreement, by imposing sanctions on 19 individuals who impeded the implementation of the Agreement, helped to restore the peace that now prevails in Guinea Bissau.
I congratulate the people of Guinea Bissau for rallying around President Embalo, and I urge them to support the entrenchment of democratic values. They must strive to ensure that the electoral process is conducted in free and fair conditions. That is our priority in Nigeria as well."

This is indeed a great honor to Nigeria and Nigerians and a portrayal of the fact that the President's impact is felt beyond the shores of Nigeria.  

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