Politics is indeed a game of constant duplicity, lies and deceit. No wonder Peter Obi and his Obidient movement feel at home with a campaign crafted and executed absent recourse to morality and ethics. 

It is not only baffling but troubling, it is also hard to imaging that Peter Obi who is without any iota of doubt been not obedient to neither God nor the country being sanctified and repackaged as a saint coming to rescue Nigeria and Nigerians. 

For crying out loud, how can same Peter Obi who invested public funds into his family business be said to be obedient to the state or the country?

Who in his right mind will say that Peter Obi and the L.P who's campaign is currently shrouded in misery amidst multiple financial scandals regarding campaign funds be termed an angel on a rescue mission?

Labour Party is deeply rooted in scandal if today we're not talking about the party's youth leader forging the signature of his National Chairman and using same to cash out then tomorrow we will be talking about a campaign DG siphoning monies meant for rally. How can a man who ate the seed he's meant to plant be termed an angel by any right thinking mind?

Not forgetting a group of support groups who obediently went AWOL with a sizeable chunk of the campaign funds be termed obedient to the country?

Do you also remember that picture of Obi trending on social media dressed like a herbalist in company of his ojuju? That same Obi who is running helter skelter  packaging himself as the candidate of the God coming to liberate the body of Christ?

From the above it's easy to infer that Peter Obi is neither Obedient to God nor the country and his team of obedient followers are only but a charade intended to deceive the gullible.

Nigerians are wiser, we will never allow any shishiless power hungry and a desperate politician jumping from pillar to post who's only achievement is quoting wrong statistics and blatant lies to come and unshishi our common wealth. 

Neither Nasarawa Republic nor the state of Taraba I mean Georgia can afford to have that pretender as the president of a zoo he and his Obidient zombies love to hate.

Obi should leave us alone let him concentrate on his online republic and allow us to enjoy our zoo jare. 

Mohammed Bello Doka writes from Abuja,Nigeria. 

Disclaimer. Pls note that the opinions expressed above are not the opinions of ANN but of the author.

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