Osun Tribunal: It's Easier For A Camel To Penetrate The Eye Of A Needle Than For Gov Adeleke To Win The Case

By: Muyidden Omotoso Olowonle.

Reading through a stinking debris being put up by Hasim Abioye regarding the case at the tribunal, I began to think sceptical about whether he(Abioye) is a lawyer or otherwise.

Can a qualified lawyer claim that certified true copy of a document produced through a particular process has nothing to do with the same process through which it's produced, so far it's obtained after the process has been concluded?

If the PDP genuinely believes in such postulation, in the first instance, why did it invite Forensic Examiner to quash or discredit the testimony of INEC Deputy Director of ICT, Abimbola Oladunjoye on the ground that there's over-voting but only in six units?

How did the PDP know and accept the fact that there's over-voting in six polling units, despite election results from those polling units were not cancelled on election day but formed part of the results which produced Adeleke as the winner of that election?

However, it would have sounded rational and the piece seemed relevant, if the PDP's defence in this respect was hinged on the same theory being propounded by Hasim Abioye.

For clarification purpose, I would like to ask again: why had the PDP agreed there's over-voting in six polling units before cross-examination by APC's legal counsels further drilled the PDP's Forensic Examiner into saying over-voting occurred in more than six polling units, if Hasim Abioye's already deflated lies could be anything to be relied on?

Apparently, it's noteworthy to categorically say that Hasim Abioye's piece was contextualised in anticipation for the direction in which the PDP is expecting the judgement to go, in case money exchanges hand between the PDP and those in charge.

Alas, once our legal system isn't smashed against the wall in this respect, it would be easier for a camel to penetrate the eye of a needle than for the PDP to win this case, for it's premised on a well established over-voting and undoubtedly forged documents visible to the blind.

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