Meet Abdullahi Tanko Yakassai a Progressive And a Comrade.

The Kano born Young professional Abdullahi Tanko Yakassai is indeed one of the most prestigious young men in the Asiwaju project, this informed our choice of him as today's subject of meet the progressives, an article were we celebrate young progressives who distinguished themselves in the Asiwaju project.
The name Tanko Yakassai needs no introduction in the political circles of Nigeria thanks to the struggles and achievements of the elder Tanko Yakassai the Chairman of the famous Northern Elders Forum (N.E.F) who is the father to our today's Hero.
Today's episode of meet the Progressives focused on a Younger Tanko Yakassai, the National Coordinator of Northern Young Professionals for Tinubu, a member of the APC Presidential Campaign council and also a member of the Tinubu Shettima ICC with so many tittles, accolades and achievements too numerous to mention.
There is a saying that there are many Yakassais but there is only one Tanko, but Abdullahi is challenging that maxim. Today we the Progressives celebrate one of us, a young man, talented, dedicated a dogged fighter and a gentleman to the core.

The Northern Young Professional For Tinubu the dream child of Abdullahi is one of the largest and most successful pressure groups in Northern Nigeria propagating the candidacy of Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu years before the Primaries. This makes Abdullahi not just a Progressive, a Buharists But also a Batist per excellence.
And also this informed our choice of him as today's hero of the progressives. As we celebrate you Sir we can only but wish you success in good health, long life and prosperity in all your endeavors.

Meet the progressives is proudly sponsored by the Tinubu Media Team.

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