Do Women Learn Foreign Language Faster Than Men? By Mallam Ibrahim Bature.

Mallam Ibrahim Bature a lecturer at the Federal University Dutsinma and a PhD student in Beijing asked this thought provoking question somewhat sarcastically.

Although Mallam has not provided any citation he made it categorically clear that his inference were driven by personal experience and he gave very precise examples as to reasons why he concluded or seems to think so.

Mallam made this observations on his Facebook page where he asked for people's opinions and or expert explanations on this subject.

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"Please why Women learn foreign language faster than men?
I have many reasons to conclude women learn language faster than than men.
I met Pakistani couple last week, they are all Ph.D students, they spent 4-years in China, the wife speaks Chinese fluently while he speaks so little.

I know a friend who relocated to Lagos with his family in 2019, his wife speaks Yaruba fluently, while he can't make single sentence in Yaruba.

I have a colleagues in Dutsin-Ma, both Yaruba and Tivs, their wives speaks Hausa fluently while they can't speak.

I know a 2019 Ph.D female Scholar here in China and she speaks Chinese, while I know someone who lives here for more than 7-years and speaks little.

Please, seriously I need the secret, I want learn to speak Foreign language.

My dear sisters please guide me through."

An investigation by Abuja Network News finds out that studies and  researches do support Mallam,s view. Genetically women have a leverage over men when it comes to learning a language.

Not only because women are more attentive and give more attention to details in discussions but also because nature favors them in that regards.

An article on has this to say in this regards.

"1. Studies from schools and universities in various parts of the world indicate that girls process language differently from boys and use a wider range of study strategies to learn.
2. Female language students employ their conversation skills when learning a language, confirming opinions expressed by some linguists that they have a useful ability to make connections through speech.
3. Generally, female students are thought more motivated than their male counterparts.
4. 2013 statistics reveal that of the 28,710 university languages students in the UK, 69 per cent were female.
5. 2016 figures from France indicate that 74.1 per cent of the 110,813 language students are women.If you feel you’ve missed out, it’s worth looking into the courses available at City Lit, where more than 27 different languages are taught. You can book a daylong session or embark on more in depth language learning lessons, depending on your circumstances and personal preferences."
In another article by studies also proves that women's brains are superior to men's when it comes to learning a new language.

Because women's brains used both of the sides of their brains as opposed to men who uses only one side. Thus females are able to use the analytical side of their to understand languages but men need more sensory input.

"Studies have shown that there is a difference in the way males and females process language in the brain. The left side of the brain processes analytic and logic functions whilst the right side controls visual, oral and non-linguistic functions. Experiments show that women use both sides of the brain when they talk and men only the right side. Females are able to utilise the analytical side of their brains to help decode language whereas their male counterparts need more sensory input." -

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