Kogi State Government Press Release.


1. The Kogi State Government wishes to inform the general public that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has recently resumed illegal harassment of Kogi State Government officials over a Bailout Fund the Commission tried fruitlessly to make the world believe was stashed in an account with the aim of misappropriation by the State Government. 

2. Further to the Suit No. HCL/128/2021 filed by the Kogi State Government against the EFCC and other Defendants with respect to the said bailout funds, the Court issued an injunction on the 3rd of December, 2021, restraining the EFCC or its agents from inviting or arresting any Kogi State Government official or requesting for any documents in relating to the matter pending the determination of the Motion on Notice. 

3. It is on record that the EFCC immediately attempted to set aside the said Order of the Court but its said application was refused by the Court. The EFCC immediately, appealed the said ruling of the Court and also filed a Motion for Stay of Proceedings in the matter. Till date, the EFCC has failed to file a Defence in the matter while the EFCC’s appeal has also not been determined by the Court of Appeal. The said Order of interlocutory injunction granted by the trial Court has also not been set aside. 

4. While it is known to all that all orders of Court are to be obeyed and complied with until set aside by the same Court that grants it or an appellate Court, the EFCC has consistently been taking steps to disobey the said order of the Court.  

5. Most recently, the EFCC in its usual gestapo manner attempted to arrest the Cashier of the Kogi State Government House in what is a clear and flagrant violation of a subsisting order by a competent Court of jurisdiction. 

6. More ridiculous is the claim by the EFCC operatives that came to effect the arrest that they were unaware of the injunction. The question is, can the EFCC claim to be ignorant of an Order of Court which they have already appealed against the ruling refusing to set same aside? To us, this is an attempt by an agency created by law to drag the rule of law in the mud and operate above the law. 

5. The EFCC has clearly moved from fighting the Kogi State Government to ridiculing and disrespecting the Judiciary that is the last hope of the common man. 

6. As a law-abiding State Government, we have resolved to challenge this action of the EFCC in Court as orders of Court ought not be disobeyed, and never by an institution set up by Law to enforce laws. 

7. We appeal to all the citizens of the State to remain law abiding and not take laws into their hands as the Government will ensure the triumph of law and order over lawlessness. 

8. The Government of Kogi State supports the anti-corruption agenda of the APC-led Federal Government and has strengthened her institutions to remain transparent and accountable, resulting in our yearly awards from credible agencies, including the World Bank on Fiscal Transparency and Accountability. 

Kingsley Femi Fanwo
Hon. Commissioner for Information and Communications 


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