Igbo Presidency: Again Femi Fani Kayode Chides Atiku.


"I am going to be the stepping stone to an Igbo presidency in this country"- @atiku. 

The insufferable arrogance and sheer effontry of this man is as repugnant as it is appalling. 

Do the Igbo need you to become President? 

You have been trying to be President for over 30 years and you have not been able to make it and now you are saying you will be the stepping stone for someone else. 

Just how deluded can you get? 

Your advisors have been so unfair to you! 

You are like a naked man running around with no clothes on and telling others that you are the stepping stone to getting them nice new clothes!

Please gather your senses together and hear the following: when the time for an Igbo Presidency comes no-one can stop it and they will not need a fading, weak, corrupt, deceitful, dishonorable, treacherous, anti-Southern religious bigot and ethnic hegemonist to be a stepping stone for them.

Before you say you want to help Igbos first help yourself and secondly  apologise for your atrocious, insensitive and beastly behaviour towards the Christian martyr called Deborah whose murder and lynching you refused to condemn and whose family you refused to commiserate with.  

The best you can do today is to drop your ambition, line up behind Asiwaju who gave you a platform and support in the past when you had nowhere to go and get on your scabby bleached knees and beg Wike, the G5 and the entire south to forgive you for your unconciable, self-seeking and unbearable sense of entitlement. 

I mean who the hell do you think you are? 

Were you born to rule? 

Stepping stone ko, stepping stone ni!

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