Marked For Death Woman Arrested For Inhuman Act.

This is Richard, a 7 years old boy whom was discovered in a room locked up in chains by his step mom, thanks to his "crying voice" he was helped by neighbors,

According to the little boy, she does this everytime his father travels for business
Things are getting worst by the day. Men, you really should be careful the kind of woman you keep in your house as wife to mother or raise a child or children you got from another woman. Sometimes these kids pass through alot of  physical and emotional pain especially in your absence.

Just two days ago a dead child of about 5, was discovered in a deep well said to have been trown in there by her step mom who claims she did it out of anger, she's now in the police custody

Most women have this natural hate for their husband's kids that didn't come from their womb

May God 🙏🏻 bless those children whose mothers separated with their fathers 🙌

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