From Obidients to Oblivions.

By Sunday Wale Adeniran. 

The first shock that hit them was the day INEC released qualifications of all the 18 presidential candidates for 2023 election. After they had boasted and insulted everyone who has another candidate that their candidate is the most qualified, they became Oblivions when they saw just GCE as Naanu’s qualification.

They started one million man march and even ten million man march but when real campaign started, they met empty space at Lafia at the campaign inauguration. He added salt to his supporters’ injury when he called Nasarawa a country. Even though they tried to defend it, he was sending them to Oblivion.

He went to Taraba and after his Obidients had made jest of Tinubu for napping in a town hall meeting, Naanu did not nap in Lafia, he slept off completely and it was a palace guard that woke him up. They took another step to Oblivion.

He went to Ibadan but the rally looked like a freedom ceremony for Mufu who just finished learning vulcanizing. Obidients could not post the shame especially given the fact that it was a rally for all SW six states. Lol.

The day he went to Jalingo, the number of people at the stadium were not up to the number of gam-blers in a popular Las Vegas casino on a Saturday night, were knocking at the door of Oblivion. 

Doyin Okupe was their presidential campaign DG but when karma was ready to handcuff them and made them become Oblivions, a court of competent jurisdiction convicted him for stealing arms fund which exposed soldiers and civilians to attacks from BH.

At Uyo, he said that three of the four questions asked him by university students ‘pass his power’ and so delegated a Professor who is following a school cert holder because of bigotry to help him answer them. That came after ex-Obidients who are now Oblivions according to Opara Kingsley has made a feast of Tinubu’s delegation of a few questions to some of his team at Chatham House in London. 

Obidients were ecstatic when PSquare said that they will be in Port Harcourt for Obi’s rally. They said that it’ll be mother of all rallies but to show to the whole world that they are now Oblivions, the number of those who were there were fewer than those who came to Ibadan. PSquare were jumping on a table before empty canopies spread at the middle of an empty stadium where no single person sat at the stands at Liberation stadium and Peter was angry that people didn’t come despite the fact that they went there in a chattered jet.

Bayelsa was even worse the following day.

Even though, a wise Tinubuist wouldn’t pray for it but Enugu LP has collapsed its structure and melted into PDP, their father of LP. In that state, one of the 25 states they said were in tje sack, they are also Oblivions.

So Opara is quite right.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2023 in advance.

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