Food For Thought By Bassey Ita.

By whatever indicators they used for the measurement of politics as a game and vocation,the sages of old have given an acceptable conclusion and definition that "Politics is a noble game."

'Nigeriany' speaking, the Awolowos,the Ziks,the Balewas, the Ahmadu Bellos  among others of their kinds,did not have a smooth sail in Politics though,but posterity has alway remembered them for weathering the storm, and presenting selves as great Political Leaders of their own time.

 The unity and national cohesion that we achieve and experience in our country today owes to the efforts of those great leaders at insisting on certain fundamentals of political leadership. Politics is indeed a noble game!

Little wonder Socrates, a very highly respected Philosopher of the Greek extraction,who delved into Politics at a time his input was needed to reform the ugly trend of divisiveness in the Athenian Political landscape, proved his mettle and won so many hearts including those of the Youths.

Politics,is indeed a religion which offers us the opportunity of living aright and writing for ourselves and our generations  to come,the history we desire.

It was Elder Dr David Okon,the  Political Socrates of our time,who said "Every day we write our history,by virtue of our actions and inactions."

By this he reminds us of our God given responsibility of impacting humanity in a positive rather than a negative manner,as was the case with Socrates,the Philosophical icon turned Politician.

Socrates was able to detect the vagaries against Greece's political heights and acceded to calls by a cross section of Greeks to go into Politics. And he proved his mettle!

Yesterday,Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was in Cross River State by virtue of Politics. Beyond the ordinary political calculus Asiwaju played a noble role at the event of the Town Hall Meeting with Stakeholders from the state in settling the infractions and disputes that would naturally become the cock in the wheel of progress for the APC,Cross River State.

The very act of reconciling Sen. John Owan Enoh with Sen. Bassey Otu,the Governorship Candidate of the party in one breath and Barr. Mrs Mary Ekpere-Eta and Rt. Hon. Eteng Williams Jones as the Senatorial Candidate, Central in another breath was very significant and "Pastoral" a role that many Politicians would run away from handling.

Politics derives its nobility from the ability of Politicians to reconcile differences and move together in a manner that the mass of humanity would be the better for it.

One more perspective about the Asiwaju's visit yesterday was the fact that naysayers or those in the opposition school of thought had the opportunity to correct so many insinuations and held belief about the Asiwaju factor.

He was not parading with the very 'paraphernalia' of a "sick and frail man." Rather he stood for minutes running into hours to reconcile differences,speak to the conscience of Cross Riverians nay Nigerians. He also earned the applause of most Cross Riverians who were in love with his disposition to leadership and strategic management skills.

Politics is indeed a noble game. It behoves us to think about what to do to add value to it as it relates to society's improvement.

Bassey Ita,
TMT, Cross River State

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